nilHi there, I am Neil-Olivier Macsween.

Here’s some information about me and some of the things I like doing, so you can understand my personal motivations and ideas behind my workout programmes.

I grew up and lived for many years in France, I have been living in Bristol since 2005 and I love living in a vibrant city that has so much going for it.

What I like to discover in my clients is their ambition and drive. I am very much a people person, we are all unique and different in our own ways, and I look for the positive aspects in people. If they have ambitions goals, or even fear, I want to try to help them with their chosen focus. Anything is possible!

I thrive on being busy and as active as possible. My biggest passion lies with understanding and communicating with people from different walks of life.

aboutI have been practicing martial arts for many years, the main reason why I continue to do so is because I enjoy pushing my body hard and working my mind at the same time. They have many benefits that I go for: strength and control, following a code of conduct and learning to show respect, improving overall fitness; also practical, if required, is the added security of self-defence… I am constantly looking to improve my knowledge and expertise; for many years I have practiced Judo [1st.Dan black belt] and Ju-Jitsu, and I’m currently learning more about Kung Fu and Kickboxing.  Finally I love taking part in other activities such as cycling, running, squash, scuba diving [PADI open water diver], paintballing, snowboarding and more conventional sports.

I am keen to learn, and love improving my knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the Martial Arts. I am always working on improving my performances to achieve a personal best.

In every session I aim to make each moment unique and enjoyable for my clients, so my main priority is making certain that they exercise safely and within their own capabilities, yet also achieving a great feeling of achievement.

  Try out a healthier body & lifestyle that fits you!