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Muscle Activation & Flexibility Specialist

Whether you’re in need of to work on specific muscle groups or your whole body, or even some nutritional advice to tweak your results, Rainbow Fitness is here for you.

How about improving your current performances? Looking to challenge your fitness levels?

Rainbow Fitness is also the place where you can learn to be in complete control of your body (ie breathing, overcome tiredness, energy levels, reaction time…), or even get into condition for a health check?

There are little limits (if we can’t do it, we will be honest with you) to our services to make sure you get exactly what you want from your personal training plan.

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I employed Rainbow Fitness initially to support my long-distance running training. Neil helped me focus my personal goals, channel my breathing and prepare for 1/2 marathon race-day expectations. I have continued my PT sessions with Rainbow Fitness because I want to stay focused and improve my general fitness levels.

Holly Wicks

Thanks for your help Rainbow! I followed the suggestions, and although they were really tough and painful at first, slowly but surely I eased into them as advised. I am feeling much better now and have returned back to work and light sport! Great service and thank you.


I have been training with Neil since February 2011, from that time I was also pregnant. Throughout the nine months, Neil introduced me excellently in allowing for the pregnancy to take place safely while maintaining my fitness levels.

Marie Williams

I’d recommend Neil if you are looking for a PT that has a balanced approach to training – fitness, Strength and flexibility. PT’s are expensive but my experience was a positive one and you will learn a lot in only a few months of training with Neil.



Our Mission

Rainbow Fitness’ clients feel happy and positively motivated

We provide superior client care but also maintain a fun attitude during sessions.

Our services stay professional and are tailored to the specific requirements of each individual client.

We’re ready to deliver short term and long term goals to clients, so they can reach amazing life-changing results.

Rainbow fitness is delighted to present you a colourful and varied “rainbow” approach to your physical wellbeing.